Kifayati and CouponSpy is a new couponing website based in India and has just partnered with Kifayati to bring coupons and deals to anybody wanting to buy Kifayati products.

While you may be aware of other couponing websites, what sets CouponSpy apart from the pack is the fact that they list coupons as well as deals that can be redeemed with a few clicks before paying for your purchase. In addition to hosting both, they have one of the biggest databases of coupons and deals anywhere online and the database is growing daily.

Many coupon websites are designed only to produce revenue for the owner of the website and very little thought is put into the actual user who will be utilizing the website. CouponSpy has done vast market research and have designed a website tailor made to user requirements. This includes the possibility of many additional filters that you can sort the coupons/deals by, making it that much easier finding ones that suit your purchases.

The aim of this partnership between CouponSpy and Kifayati is to have the most current, functioning coupons/deals online as soon as they are made available as the store sends their code’s directly to the content managers of CouponSpy resulting in no delays and accurate coupons.

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